Miles Electric Band
s2_miles_electric_0As the first finger taps of the tabla echo off the face of the canyon at the rear of the Los Angeles gulch known as the Hollywood Bowl, something spiritual and magical begins to happen. It is as if the spirits of Miles Davis and the many Jazz masters who have gone on to glory have been summonsed to a command performance. They willingly arrive one by one bestowing their blessings upon this ensemble of world-class musicians brought together to both revisit and renew the innovation of the legen
dary Miles Davis. Like a new millennium church tent revival, the Hollywood Bowl begins to transform into a living-breathing testimonial to the power of musical genius. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Miles Electric Band.
Magical Martyrs It was the winter of 2011 when the call came. Vince Wilburn, Jr, nephew of jazz icon Miles Davis and drum
master in his own right, received an inquiry from the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic regarding a performance in conjunction with the “Miles Davis Festival.” The festival would be a four month long celebration of the music of Miles Davis. Presented by the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University – the oldest theatre in the city – the festival would consist of nineteen performan
ces held in sixteen venues across the city January to April 2011. Wilburn, Jr. who recorded and toured with his uncle from ’84 – ‘87 and who, along with his first cousins Erin and Cheryl Davis is responsible for Davis’ legacy as executors of his estate, jumped at the chance to perform. Wilburn, Jr. shares, “Ironically, though I was born and raised in Chicago, when I toured with Miles, we never played Chicago, so the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic presented a chance to fulfill a life-long dream.”