8th Annual Jazz Education Network Conference
January 4-7, 2017 – Celebrating 100 Years of Recorded Jazz!
Saturday January 7, 2017 6:00 PM 6:50 PM Clinic Room #4/Bolden 6 – Level 2
Jazz, A Gumbo Birth
How opera arias, ragtime, blues, French-Creole dance music, marches, hymns, and tangos influenced gospel and jazz piano styles. 
 When you trace modern jazz piano sound you can thread the confluence of influences that arrived at the port in the mouth of the Mississippi in New Orleans. European, Caribbean, and Latin cultures docked and were transferred and weaved into the local eco-system. European musicians brought their operas and played with African-American musicians who had their cultural rhythms and folk music. These interactions led to explorations in syncopation and embellishment of melody that produced ragtime, stride, boogie and blues.  Jazz was born from this stew of diverse cultures creating a unique American art form.
 GRAMMY® and Emmy award-nominated pianist John Beasley will serve up a course of this jazz gumbo. He will demonstrate how Chopin’s Etudes and Gershwin’s Raphsody in Blue are good teaching material to help  students understand the connection between the two styles.  And, how students with a foundation in classical can use the techniques learned and translate them to jazz playing.  
He will sprinkle in a stride à la Jelly Roll Morton, toss up a Latin tinge and demonstrate how these ingredients influenced jazz piano from Duke Ellington to Herbie Hancock. Beasley will provide tips on how to thread the connection to all these influences in your teaching.  Written and audio materials will be distributed.