MONK’estra a BIG modern jazz BAND – John Beasley, Conductor/Arranger
MONK’estra is a 15-piece BIG modern jazz BAND. John Beasley captures the spirit of Monk’s unique quirkiness, offbeat accents, punchy dissonances, in his fresh arrangements of Monk’s and other classic and original compositions.

Beasley’s contemporary twist incorporates Afro-Cuban rhythms, modern jazz, hip hop, big band instrumentation, stunningly atmospheric ensemble textures, powerfully driven by a propulsive rhythm section.


SAX/WOODWINDS:           Bob Sheppard, Justo Almario, Danny Janklow, Tom Luer, Tommy Petersen

TRUMPETS:                        Brian Swartz, Dontae Winslow, Brandyn Phillips, Jamie Hovorka

TROMBONES:                     Lemar Guillary, Ryan Dragon, Lasim Richards, Steve Hughes

BASS:                                    Benjamin Shepherd

DRUMS:                                Terreon Gully

KEYS:                                    John Beasley



Don Heckman, International Review of Music
Some of the most mesmerizing big band music of recent memory. Beasley’s arrangements…expanding and elaborating on the Monk originals…captured Monk’s unique quirkiness, the offbeat accents, punchy dissonances and surprisingly soaring melodies…with stunningly atmospheric ensemble textures. His obviously extraordinary orchestrating abilities, combined with superb individual soloing from virtually every musician, resulted in a definitive display of Big, Modern and Jazz Band.

John Beasley, the one-time keyboardist for Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis, whose playing reflects a variety of generational influences, incorporating the emphatic chordal clusters of Herbie Hancock, the rhythmic quirkiness of Monk and the lush intelligence of Art Tatum into a highly refined personal voice. ­–Los Angeles Times

John Beasley is one of the best pianists and improvisers on the jazz scene today. Beasley is a master musician, with total command of the jazz language, and his playing is always intense in both emotion and technique. All About Jazz

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