Fado music reimagined
Fado stories are filled with longing and loss, so when Maria asked me to produce and arrange select classic fado songs and add modern jazz sensibilities for her album “Close to Me”, I summoned up the aura of Shakespeare’s “Now is the winter of my discontent” quote.

The story lines captivated me so much that it triggered my film-composing instinct –leading me to score each song like I would a movie. With Maria’s stunning timbre voice and her captivating charisma and personality which are all needed to connect the music to the words and context of the songs, along with the voluptuous sound of the Metropole Orkest, my heart opened up. See us in person in global tours starting this winter full of jazz content.

December tour, Netherlands.
6   Bimhuis, Amsterdam
8   Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht
12  AINSI, Maastricht
13  Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam
14  Paradox, Tilburg
15  Taste of Jazz, Deventer

YouTube: https://youtu.be/3zOz5cNxBI4