Sunday, September 28 | 4:30pm   | Watts, LA

Watts Jazz and Drum Festival – 10a to 6p

Tribute to the
roots of Jazz in Gospel + Blues
Kamau Daáood, James Janisse 10:30, Alaadun 11:30, Marco Cappelli 12:30, New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band 1:30, Phil Gates 2:30p, Dee Dee McNeil 3:30, Munyungo’s Jungle Jazz: feat. John Beasley 4:30, JMP All Stars: Nedra Wheeler, Bobby Rodriguez, Munyungo Jackson, Jamael Dean, Tony Austin, Kamasi Washington

Free – sponsored by City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
213-847-4646 – 1727 E. 107th St, Watts