Bird Lives @ 100: Charlie Parker Centennial Concerts

Celebrating Charlie Parker’s Centennial

John Beasley + Magnus Lindgren, conductors/arrangers/instrumentalists

June 23-25

Bird Lives@100: w SWR Big Band – TV recording, Baden-Baden

June 26

Bird Lives@100: w SWR Big Band – Weil am Rhein, Brass Festival

August 26
Bird Lives@100: w MONK’estra big band + strings @ Hollywood Bowl, Special Guests, Chris Potter, Tia Fuller, Charles McPherson, Donald Harrison + co-conductor/arranger/sax Magnus Lindgren

September 22
Bird Lives@100: w Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, Tennessee

November 13
Bird Lives@100: w SWR Big Band, Blue House, Stockholm

November 14
Bird Lives@100: w SWR Big Band, Oetker Halle, Bielefeld, Germany

December 4
Bird Lives@100 w MONK’estra band @ Irvine Barclay, California with Chris Potter

The event is finished.


Aug 23 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm