Echoes of Duke Ellington: HR Big Band – Guest arrangers: John Beasley + Miho Hazama – Conductor: Jim McNeely – CANCELLED but one song online TBD

We want to congratulate the 1899 born Duke Ellington always and every year. The career of musical late bloomer, who only discovered his true talent as a musician when he was a teenager and then went on to pursue a career as a composer and bandleader, is second to none. Ellington’s art resonates to this day in orchestral jazz. We want to trace the effects with a special concept: four concert halves on two evenings, in which four different arrangers from different musical perspectives will explore the work of the »Duke«.
Both evenings will be led by Chief Conductor Jim McNeely.

Echoes of Ellington – Part I – arrangements: John McNeely – Thursday
Echoes of Ellington – Part II – arrangements: John Beasley and Miho Hazara – Friday

On the second evening, with arrangements by Miho Hazama and John Beasley, there are two other, very personal approaches to listening to the music of Duke Ellington. Miho Hazama is from Tokyo and now lives in New York. She is one of the extraordinary talents of the younger jazz scene and has worked as a composer and arranger with renowned ensembles and orchestras – such as the Danish Radio Big Band and the metropolis Orkest Big Band. With her own ensemble »m_unit« Miho Hazama won the »BMI Charlie Parker Composition Prize« in 2015. The American John Beasley has already presented his program »Thelonious Monk 100« with the Frankfurt Radio Big Band, for which he received a Grammy nomination. The American jack-of-all-trades has not only made a name for himself as an arranger and bandleader, but also as a keyboarder for Miles Davis or Freddie Hubbard and as a film music composer.


May 03 2020


hr-Sendesaal, Frankfurt, Germany