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#BehindMONK’estra songs

Listen to podcast on 33Third with Michael Ambrosino
Full dialog on 10 songs
Each song with video:

Dialog #1:
Come Sunday
“I was imagining I was scoring the movie with Come Sunday. I have the melody since I like stretchy harmonies, I put some tension on the chords, then I bring in my voice and add other voices that inspired me.”

Dialog #2
Monk’s Mood
John Beasley: “finding myself inside of Monk’s music… without second thoughts… spawning many interpretations…”

Dialog #3
John Beasley on “Large ensemble is still about being a jazz band… free enough to be open to interpretation, night by night, as if you are playing in a small group. As Dizzy says, If you can sing it, you can play it”

Dialog #4
Donna Lee (3:54 mins) 
“Talking about tension and why I like harmonic and rhythmic tension and how I resolve it when writing music.”