Wed, July 27 – JAZZ STANDARD, NY

JOHN BEASLEY Positootly! Quintet
Jeff “Tain” Watts / James Genus
Antonio Hart / Rashawn Ross

2 sets: 7:30p + 9:30p – $20
Jazz Standard (116 East 27th Street @ Park Ave – Subway 4, 6 – 28th St Stop)

2010 Grammy-nominated Positootly! album

3 thoughts on “Wed, July 27 – JAZZ STANDARD, NY”

  1. I was at the early set – what a super show! Just really great, tight, classic jazz through and through. John is incredible on piano, loved when he got really subtle and delicate on the keys, sounded beautiful. And of course Jeff Watts was masterful on the drums. It was basically a piano trio, with two horns (trumpet and sax) on about half the songs. The horn players added a lot, really made the music bigger and bolder, which was great for the large room. Overall a blast of a set and much much recommended!!

  2. Saw that show in the second row in the first set. Really loved it. My only comment is sometimes the horns and drums drowned out the subtley of the piano (maybe because I was sitting so close). So I really enjoyed for one of the songs when just the piano was playing. I love Jeff Watts (huge fan) but I think he should use brushes a little more or control the volume a little better. All in all, a very inspired performance.

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