3 Brave Souls: Concerts in Europe w/ Jimmy Haslip, Ndugu Chancler, John Beasley + Dwight Trible

Jimmy Haslip joining 3 Brave Souls b/c Darryl Jones is touring with the Rolling Stones. He’s going to kill it! Dec 01, Hengelo, Germany, Dec 06 Paradox, Tilburg, NL, Dec 7+8, Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany…details visit Events page.

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Miles Davis alumni, keyboardist John Beasley and master drummer Ndugu Chancler,
joined by Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip form 3 Brave Souls and
baptize their jazz with contagious and penetrating funk grooves.
Jumping out of the box with them is cosmic vocalist Dwight Trible.

“tangy, ass-wiggling funk. [3 Brave Souls]  create a groove so deep you could fall right in”

“contagious and penetrating grooves. honey dew sounds of southern soul”

“sumptuous potion of distinct, powerful and peerless music created by superb trio”


http://bit.ly/LTN7hV and http://bit.ly/ScX4Pw

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