Buzz in the Hive: 3 Brave Souls June 5 release / International Jazz Day!

March 5, 2012

Just finished mixing my new record with my new band “3 Brave Souls”  Very happy to be reuniting with fellow Miles Davis alums bassist Darryl Jones (Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones) and master drummer Ndugu Chancler (“Billie Jean”) for a rousing brand of jazz inspired by funk, soul and their shared Louisiana roots.   Will tease you soon with snippets of the music and have an album release with a tour coming.

Went straight from mixing to writing for an upcoming feature documentary “Patrolman P” about the NYC police corruption investigation in the 70’s…remember Serpico?”   I can’t grow my 70-s hair back, so I’ll just have to find some striped brown threads and my flowered shirt with big collars!

Next up will be 2 exciting projects with The one and only Thomas Newman:  new Aaron Sorkin TV series and the new James Bond film.

Will join my friend drummer Robby Ameen in Regensberg, Germany to do some workshops and gigs.  Sausages, jazz and beer!

From the Barvarian part of Germany, I will head to Amsterdam to visit Lorna who’s been working tirelessly with Doctors Without Borders.  I’ll be doing masterclasses at the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zwolle Conservatories, including a gig at Bird, Rotterdam.

International Jazz Day – April 30

YES, jazz musicians get their own day!!!
The Monk Institute has asked me to help produce the inaugural concert on April 27th and be the music director.  I’m humbled, as always.  Will let you know about the list of performers.


International Jazz Day
The First Annual International Jazz Day will feature jazz luminary and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock. 

International Jazz Day, celebrated worldwide on April 30, will have its official kick-off at UNESCO Headquarters on April 27th. The UNESCO celebration, organized in cooperation with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock, will set the stage for a series of events to take place around the globe in the following days. The Day will bring together performers, educators, governments, experts, and fans alike, as they explore together the history, meaning, impact, and legacy of jazz music throughout the world. The Programme at UNESCO HQ includes open master classes by renowned international jazz musicians, scat improvisational classes for young students, musical perfomances, conferences, debates and a big evening concert.

Lorna gives me an ironic smile about World Jazz Day b/c she’s working on awareness for women with at-risk pregnancies for International Women’s Day – March 8; the frightening rise of drug-resistance TB for World TB Day – March 24; and alarming increase in cases in the country she’s overseeing, Congo for World Malaria Day – April 24.   So, play some jazz while you go to YouTube and watch the Doctors Without Borders films on these topics.
Thanks for reading.
–john, buzzing in the hive


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