From a low-key lounge in Berlin to Joe’s Pub in New York City, an outdoor festival in Umbria, or the Blue Note in Tokyo, Mix Messages invites a perfectly chilled, street-meets-sophisticate fusion that delivers mood on demand. Through this unexpected, marriage, the hard and contagious beats of hip-hop ride the softer, more mischievous notes of jazz to form a brilliant and seamless composite of two eras. Urban and eclectic, this hybrid mix features rap artists whose improv tracks meet jazz samples, beats, and vocals to form what could be called jazz-hop. This one-of-a-kindfunk-seduction goes beyond background listening and deep into the realms of feeling, touching, and tasting the good life and universal get-down that goes with it.

    Track Listing

    1. Nature Boy – Lil Sci and John Beasley
    2. So Tired – Domino & Lil Sci and John Beasley
    3. So What – Domino and John Beasley

    Production Credits / Liner Notes

    Produced, Performed, and Programmed by John Beasley
    Executive Producers: John Beasley & Harvest Entertainment
    Photo/Design: Pylon CFA