Steven Soderberg “Let them all Talk” HBO Max – Dec 10 – MONK’estra performs score


“Let them all Talk” official trailer
Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan, Dianne Wiest, Candace Bergen

Film Composer Thomas Newman’s all jazz score was orchestrated + arranged by John Beasley who conducted his big band MONK’estra and strings.

MONK’estra Big Band:
Woodwinds: Adam Schroeder, Tom Peterson, Kirsten Edkins, Bob Sheppard, Tom Luer
Trombones: Wendell Kelly, Ryan Dragon, Francisco Torres, Ido Meshulam, Steve Hughes, Dan Greco
Trumpets: Brian Swartz, James Ford, Rashawn Ross, Dan Fornero
Drums: Peter Erskine Bass: Benjamin J. Shepherd,

Guitar: George Doering – Engineer Tommy Vicari

New Yorker:  “the score is by Thomas Newman, whose jazz compositions are, I guess, better suited to Soderbergh’s narrative riffs.”

IndieWire: “Thomas Newman’s jazzy, ’60s-style score supplies a teasing element that keeps you guessing about where things are headed, an aspect borne out in some unexpected swerves along the way.”


Dec 10 - 31 2020