Howie 61 – Wayne Krantz – a monster CD w/ Colaiuta, Wilkenfeld, Pattitucci, Drayton, Binney, Carlock, Genus, Anders, Wood, Hey, Biddle and me

Playing on Wayne Krantz | Howie 61

Playing on my former Steely Dan mate with Vinnie Colaiuta and Tal Wilkenfeld, John Patitucci, Charley Drayton, David Binney, Keith Carlock, James Genus, Gabriela Anders, Nate Wood, Henry Hey, Owen Biddle

Guardian UK review: Krantz’s enduring ability to make a single hook the fuel for long jams that keep shifting gears and changing colouration – and his flawless feel for both the visceral buzz of rock and the improv freedoms of jazz.

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