Welcome to my New Website


My new web-HOME. Hope you come back often to listen, read, contact me.
Audio Player – I’ve uploaded 11 tracks: songs from my first album Cauldron to my 2010 Grammy-nominated CD Positootly!.  (More tracks to be added.)

Interactivity – Added LIKE and COMMENT buttons. I look forward to learning + hearing from you and knowing what you LIKE.

Store – Selling autographed physical CDs for nostalgia/keepsake reasons or buy my music digitally on iTunes or Amazon.  My charts will be on sale soon.  Email me if you can’t wait.

FREE downloads and FREE charts will be offered from time to time – SIGN UP to my EMAIL LIST now and you will get 3 FREE songs from Mix Messages – my rap/remix-jazz songs.

GIGS – Music is always better LIVE. New listings all the time so come back and see you there in person.

SHARING – YOU are the catalyst for indy musicians.  YOU help us get our music heard – thank you for using the SHARE buttons to circulate my blogs, music, gig info, photos, video, etc.  I trust the power of the exponential!

THANK YOU for listening, knowing and loving!
-Beas in the Hive

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my New Website”

  1. I am loving MONK’estra, and have been a fan of Monk for decades. So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when I noticed you listed on Buell Neidlinger’s (RIP) “Rear View Mirror,” which is about 1/3 Monk.

    1. Love that you love Monk’s music and my arrangements with big band MONK’estra. Hopefully, you will see it live one day. Where are you based?
      Yes, RIP Buell. All Monk all the time. blessings, J Beasley

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